Anke Weidenkaff, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Synthesis methods for complex oxides and intermetallics for high temperature thermoelectric converters 

   Derek Sinclair,
University of Sheffield, UK
Electrical heterogeneity, anomalous conductivity and thermoelectricity in reduced (n-type) perovskite titanates   

   Emmanuel Guilmeau, CRISMAT Caen, France
   Intrinsically low thermal conductivity in some Cu-based ternary / quaternary sulfides

   Ryoji Funahashi, AIST, Japan
   Improvement of thermoelectric properties for materials and systems

   Sebastian Long, University of Reading, UK
   Thermoelectric Performance of PLEC Materials

   Kees De Groot, University of Southampton, UK
   Non aqueous electrodeposition of metal chalcogenides for thin film thermo-electric generators

   Hatef Sadeghi, Lancaster University, UK
   Thermoelectric energy harvesting with single molecules and self-assembled monolayers

   Maarit Karppinen, Aalto University, Finland
   Preparation of thin film thermoelectrics by ALD and superlattice structures

   Sylvie Hebert, CRISMAT Caen, France
   Some examples of low dimensional thermoelectrics

   Takao Mori, NIMS, Japan
   Utilizing Magnetic Semiconductors and Bottom-up Nanostructuring Methods for Enhanced Thermoelectrics

   Srinivasarao Popuri, Heriot-Watt University, UK
   High zT thermoelectric SnSe: Role of structural anharmonicity, texturing and competing bonding requirements

   GP Srivastava, University of Exeter, UK
   Theoretical Ingredients for Tuning Thermoelectric Properties of Semiconducting Materials

   Samuel Foster, University of Warwick, UK
   Monte Carlo simulations for extracting the power factor in 1D systems

   Quentin Ramasse, SuperSTEM Laboratory, UK
   Advanced electron spectroscopy of thermoelectric oxides

   Rob Dorey, University of Surrey, UK
   Towards manufacture of thick film thermoelectric devices

   Prospero Taroni, Queen Mary University of London, UK
   Integrating the thermoelectric and sensing properties of pedot materials into self-powered devices

   Thomas Fletcher, Cambridge Display Technologies, UK
   Progress in printable TEGs

   Mehmet Ozturk, North Carolina State University (ASSIST Program), USA
   Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Research at the ASSIST Engineering Research Centre toward Self-Powered Wearable Electronics for Health and Environment Monitoring

   Hugo Williams, University of Leicester, UK  
   Engineering performance of thermoelectrics for space radioisotope power systems

   Mark Robbins, ETL, UK

   Thermoelectric modules for space exploration applications 

   Jan Koenig, Fraunhofer-Institut für Physikalische Messtechnik IPM, Freiburg, Germany
   Thermoelectric waste heat recovery on the way to mass production and into applications

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