The next UK Thermoelectric Network Meeting will be held VIRTUALLY via ZOOM and will be hosted by The University of Manchester on 17 November 2021. There will not be a registration fee, but delegates will need to register in advance of the meeting.


The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Please register HERE

Invited speakers
1. Ichiro Terasaki, Nagoya University, Japan

New thermoelectric semimetal Ta2PdSe6

2. David Voneshen, STFC UKRI, UK

A neutron scattering view on the Phonon-Liquid Electron-Crystal

3. Jonathan Alaria, Liverpool University, UK

Total phonon engineering in a modular multiple anion inorganic bulk superlattice

We are planning a programme with 14 talks, including 3 invited talks. 
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9.15     Welcome

9.20     Ichiro Terasaki, Nagoya University
Invited-    New thermoelectric semimetal Ta2PdSe6

9.55     Rob Quinn, Heriot Watt University
Improved performance in Cu-rich Half-Heusler thermoelectrics guided by empirical modelling

10:15    Wenjie Xie, Darmstadt University
Unexpected interstitial in Half-Heusler compounds

10.35    Ali Ismael, Lancaster University
Introduction to molecular-scale thermoelectricity

10.55    Break

11.10    David Voneshen, STFC UKRI
Invited-     A neutron scattering view on the Phonon-Liquid Electron-Crystal

11.45    Neophytos Neophytou, University of Warwick
Novel and computationally efficient thermoelectric transport calculations with detailed scattering physics

12.05    Alexander M Ganose, Imperial College
Reassessing the link between the temperature dependence of mobility and carrier scattering

12.25    Stephen Hepplestone, Exeter University
Effect of patterned interfaces on thermal conductivity; a theoretical investigation

12.45    Discussion

12.50    Lunch break

14.00    James Male, Northwestern University
Dislocation and point defect influences on mechanical Properties in Pb chalcogenides

14.20    Muath Mohammed F ALMalki, Northwestern University
Creep deformation of thermoelectric materials,  a perspective 

14.40    Shriparna Mukherjee, Reading University
Exploring the origin of ultra-low thermal conductivity in tetrahedrites  

15.00    Discussion

15.10    Break

15.30    Kees De Groot, Southampton University
Thin film chalcogenide thermo-electric generators by Chemical Vapour Deposition 

15.50    Sahil Tippireddy, Reading University
Improvement of thermoelectric performance of CuFeS2 chalcopyrite via Ge substitution

16.10    Jonathan Alaria, Liverpool University
Invited-   Total phonon engineering in a modular multiple anion inorganic bulk superlattice

16.45    Discussion

17.00    Close of Meeting


​​​Thermoelectric Network UK Meeting 2021

17 November 2021

Virtual Meeting hosted by The University of Manchester

Thermoelectric Network



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