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​​​Thermoelectric Network UK Meeting 2022

23 November 2022

Virtual Meeting hosted by The University of Manchester

The 2022 UK Thermoelectric Network Meeting was held VIRTUALLY via ZOOM and was hosted by The University of Manchester on 23 November 2022. There was no registration fee, but delegates registered in advance of the meeting.


The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Please register HERE

We are planning a programme with 14 talks, including 3 invited talks. 
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9.15     Welcome

9.20    Takao Mori,NIMS Japan
Invited-    Development of high performance thermoelectric materials and TEGs

9.50     Kanishka Biswas, JNCASR, Bangalore, India
Invited-  Glass-like Thermal Conductivity in a Single Crystal of Layered Metal Halides   

10:20    Shriparna Mukherjee, University of Reading
Aikinite: bond heterogeneity, lone pairs, and ultralow thermal conductivity

10.40    Yu Liu, University of Manchester
The Thermoelectric Properties of SnS Thin Films

11.00    Break

11.20    Mike Reece, QMUL, UK
Invited-  High Entropy Thermoelectrics – A New Compositional Approach to Enhance Performance   

11.50    Chongyang Zeng, QMUL, UK
Optimization of Thermoelectric Properties of Carbon Nanotube Veil by Defect Engineering

12.10    Yibing Zhu, University of Manchester, UK
Precursor-led Grain Boundary Engineering for Superior Thermoelectric Performance in Niobium Strontium Titanate

12.30    Discussion

12.45    Lunch break

14.00    Richard Tuley, ETL UK
Invited-  Thermoelectric devices: the need for innovation  

14.30    Jose Serrano, University of Valencia, Spain/QMUL   
Development of organic thermoelectric generators

14.50    Li, Zhen,  University of Warwick, UK
Efficient and reliable thermoelectric transport simulations with ab initio scattering rates using the ElecTra code  

15.10    Matthew Philips, Cardiff University, UK
Investigating novel thermoelectric systems for energy recovery in steel making processes - A computational approach

15.40    Discussion

16.00    Close of Meeting