Thermoelectric Network

The University of Manchester

26 February 2014

National Physical Laboratory

20-21 April 2016


Glasgow Teachers Building

18 October 2016

The University of Manchester

14-15 February 2017


   Anthony Powell, University of Reading

   Traditional and Novel Thermoelectric Materials

   Emmanuel Guilmeau, Laboratory CRISMAT, Caen, France

   Recent Advances in TiS2 based Thermoelectrics

   Ryoji Funahashi, AIST, Japan 

   Exploiting Oxide Thermoelectrics

   Cedric Rouaud, Ricardo Engineering

   Thermoelectrics for Automotive Applications

   Kevin Simpson, European Thermodynamics Ltd

   Development of Thermoelectric Modules

   Andrew Knox, University of Glasgow

   Practical Considerations in the Design of Thermoelectric Systems

26 February 2014

The University of Manchester

University of Reading

11- 12 November 2015

Loughborough University

14 April 2015