University of Reading

11- 12 November 2015




​   DAY 1, 20 April 2016

   Training Session

   Alexandre Cuenat, NPL

   Introduction to Metrology

   Pablo Diaz Chao, 

   Good practice in theremoelectric materials metrology

   Andres Muniz-Piniella, 

   Modules metrology

   Ekaterina Selezneva, 

   Heat flux measurement 

   Glen McHale, 
Northumbria University

   Thermal issues associated with the Leidenfrost effect, evaporation and wetting/superhydrophobic surfaces

   Ned Ekins-Daukes, 
Imperial College London 

   Thermalisation losses in solar cells and key issues for thermoelectrics

   Eric Don, 

   New AC Method to Measure Mobility in Highly Doped  Thermoelectric

​   DAY 2, 21 April 2016

   Antoine Maignan, CRISMAT, Caen, France

   2D versus 3D chalcogenides at CRISMAT: strategies to generate thermoelectric materials

   Simon Woodward, 
University of Nottingham

   Organic Thermoelectrics

   Nick Bennett, 
Heriot-Watt University

   Novel Strategies Towards Efficient Thermoelectric Performance in Silicon

   Hugo William, 
University of Leicester 

   Mechanical properties of thermoelectric materials

   Guang Han, 
University of Glasgow

   Design and Synthesis of New Layered Metal (III A, IV A, V A) Selenide Nanostructures for Thermoelectric Applications

   Sang Hyun Park, 
Korea Institute of Energy Research, Daejeon, Korea 

   Electrical characteristics of metallization interface for high temperature chalcogenide thermoelectric module

   Alex Cuenat,
 National Physical Laboratory 

   Nanoscale heat transport measurement

   Engineering Challenges and the Thermoelectric Roadmap– Leader Alex Cuenat
 Contributions from-
   Cedric Rouaud, 
Ricardo- Engineering challenges and thermoelectric roadmap
   Chris Nuttall, 
Johnson Matthey
   Kevin Simpson, 
European Thermodynamics Ltd- TE modules production and control

   Bob Gilchrist, Jaguar Land Rover- Progress required for successful Adoption


National Physical Laboratory

20-21 April 2016



   Jan-Willem Bos, Heriot-Watt University

   Nanostructured half-Heuslers for Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery

   Colin Lambert, 
University of Lancaster

   Quantum-interference induced Thermoelectricity in Organic Molecules

   Iris Nandhakumar, 
University of Southamptom

   Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials by Electrodeposition

   Doug Paul, 
University of Glasgow

   Fabrication and Evaluation of Nanostructured Thermoelectrics

   Eric Don, 
SemiMetrics Ltd

   TEG Module Test

   Matthew Phillips, 
Cardiff University 

   Investigating Material ZT Properties and their Translation into Module Performance

   Elena Man, 
University of Glasgow

   Heat pumping/Peltier Cooling Devices

   Jonathan Siviter, University of Glasgow

   Thermoelectric Conversion Systems Ltd: Power Converters and Applications

   Richard Stobart, 
Loughborough University

   Understanding the Operation of Thermoelectric Generators under Transient Flow and Temperature Conditions


The University of Manchester

26 February 2014

20-21 April 2016

National Physical Laboratory

18 October 2016

Glasgow, IET Teachers Building




Glasgow Teachers Building

18 October 2016

Loughborough University

14 April 2015